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FrankenBrew 33cl

BRMA00001 FrankenBrew 33cl

FrankenBrew is brewed as an American Brown Ale, hopped with cascade and matured with american oak chips on white rum. Alc. 8% vol
This beer was actually the first beer out of the new brew kettle funded with the crowdfunding campaign.

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Label text:

Just as Victor Frankenstein’s creation, this beer was made out of curiosity and the urge to make something “beautiful” with the means at hand.
To test our new brew kettle we used malt leftovers from older brews. With no actual recipe we started milling the malts and we ended up with this “creature”.
It became an American brown ale with malty notes and a hoppy finish. To give it a little extra we lagered it on american, medium toast oak chips, soaked in white rum.
What you are holding in your hand is a unique creature, brewed for your enjoyment. It proves impulsive creations can become beautiful if you give them a chance.

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