Malcroys Brewing Barrel History

Here you can find detailed info on our barrel program.  Most barrels are small in quantity but big in flavor.

We have a unique view on barrels and how to use them. Our BourbRum barrels are the soul of our BourbRum barrel aged beers. We think we are the only brewery in the world that creates and uses BourbRum barrels. BourbRum is actually a blend of Bourbon and Rum. We create this blend ourselves and then fill our new oak barrels with this blend. After a minimum of 8 months (sometimes longer) we empty the barrel and store the BourbRum in another vessel. We then fill the newly created "BourbRum" barrel with beer and let it age for a period of time.
Once the beer is ready, we empty the barrel and refill it with the BourbRum. This gives use certainty that the barrel will not get infected as the BourbRum sanitises the barrel and also gives back a bit of the BourbRum flavor to the wood. 

And you can follow this progress as each beer will be a bit different depending on how often the barrel has been used.
The tannines will diminish with every batch of beer but we hope the tannine rich BourbRum will be returned in small amount to the barrel. 
This theory is not set in stone, it is a personal vision of ours, but future will prove us right or wrong. 

Current Barrel stock: 

α (alpha) Barrel  (BourbRum)


Our smallest barrel. The one that started it all.

15 liter (3.96 gallon) New French oak, lightly toasted

16/07/2019 : BourbRum (8 months on the barrel)

26/03/2020: Spirit Black Alpha  2 months B.A. (crowdfunders only release)

26/05/2020: Bourbrum (9 months on the barrel)

22/02/2021: Spirit Black (3 months B.A. 2nd fill)

21/05/2021: Bourbrum ( 6 months on the barrel)

26/11/2021: Real Canadian Maple Syrup (2 months)

02/02/2022: 3 Times Maple Part 3 ( 5 months on the barrel)

03/07/2022: BourbRum (ongoing...)

β (beta) Barrel  ( BourbRum )


30 Liter ( 7.9 gallon ) New French Oak, heavy toasted

22/03/2020: Bourbrum (8 months on the barrel)

16/11/2020: Spirit Black Beta   (2 months on the barrel)

17/01/2021: Bourbrum ( 11 months on the barrel )

16/12/2021: Spirit: Black ( 9 months on the barrel)

17/09/2022: BourbRum (ongoing...)

γ (gamma) Barrel (BourbRum)


30 Liter ( 7.9 gallon ) New French Oak, heavy toasted

22/03/2020: Bourbrum ( 15 months on the barrel )

02/07/2021: Spirit: Black (3 months & 2 weeks on the barrel)

17/10/2021: BourbRum ( 8 months on the barrel)

18/06/2022: Billie's Spirit ( 4 months and 3 weeks on the barrel)

15/11/2022: BourbRum ( ongoing...)

δ (delta) Barrel


30 liter (7.9 gallon) Chestnut
22/02/2021: blaXperiment version 1.0 ( Base: Black on Laphroaig barrel stave cubes in the barrel)  

22/05/2021: added lightly toasted american oak chips soaked in Laphroaig

02/07/2021: blaXperiment 2.0 imp stout on pecanwood cubes

10/10/2021: blaXperiment 3.0 imp stout on rum barrel cubes ( 3 months+ )

02/02/2022: 3 Times maple Part 2 agedon maple wood cubes ( 5 months on the barrel)

05/07/2022: BourbRum (2 months on the barrel)

31/08/2022: Fossil Fuel on Laphroaig barrel stave cubes soaked in Ardbeg Wee Beastie ( ongoing...)

Ɛ (Epsilon) Barrel


30 Liter (7.9 gallon) Virgin American white oak (Quercus alba) char:2

08/05/2022: Spirit: Black  (6 months on the (virgin) oak barrel, ongoing...)