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Fossil Fuel Peated Strong Ale 33cl

PAMA00001 Fossil Fuel  Peated Strong Ale 33cl

WARNING! This beer is not for everyone, if you're not sure, don't buy it and give the people who like it more the possibility to enjoy this beer.

Peat is often referred to as the “forgotten fossil fuel” It can be used in its raw form as peat bricks for heating, but it also can be the early stage of coal formation.

When used in beer, through malts kilned on peat fires, it gives earthy, phenolic and sometimes ashy  notes.This particular aroma and taste is not for everyone. We at Malcroys are very fond of this particular flavor,so we actually brewed this beer for ourselves and the few beerdrinkers that love heavy peated beers.This peated strong ale is brewed with 75% of scottish heavy peated malt (+50ppm). We double mashed it to get a higher alcohol percentage that carries the peated notes even better and gives you the most peat for your buck 

IBU: 25
ABV: 10.3%

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